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Landscape design - an art that is at the junction of three areas: on the one hand, architecture, construction and design, on the other hand, botany and plant growing, and, on the third hand, landscape design uses information from history and philosophy.
Our task - to emphasize the natural beauty of the natural landscape, making the most comfortable and safe for its inhabitants. You can trust us the whole complex of works on improvement of your territory, from design to its implementation.

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  • Design, Garden maintenance, Landscaping, Design
  • Design, Projecting
  • Design, Garden maintenance, Landscaping, Design
  • Design, Garden maintenance, Landscaping, Design
  • Design, Projecting
  • Design, Projecting
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We work in the market more 20 years.

We are the company leader in Kharkov in the field of services in landscape design. More than 20 years in the market is our indicator of quality. All work is performed at the highest level with a confirmed warranty on plants and services

When you conceive a project, from the idea to the flowering of your garden - you get the result and reliability of execution. Your idea will become a reality with us.




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    Landscape design in Kharkiv and Kyiv from professionals

    The desire to live in harmony with nature is fully natural for all people. Even if it is held deep in the mind. But the simple planting of trees instead of cut down, for example, the construction of the building, in most cases can not become a full replacement for the natural beauty lost in the process of activity of people. For neutralization of destructive influence and restoration of positive balance the landscape design should be performed, which will help to correctly use the possibilities of land and its original design.

    How to create the style of land

    Creating the style of land - a complex task, whose implementation I require sufficient experience and in-depth knowledge of the following areas of activity:

    • Architecture, engineering and construction.
    • Botany and plant science.
    • History, its impact on landscape design and architectural styles.

    Only focusing on all three components, can ensure harmonious integration of comfortable use of the possibilities of the building with the beauty of the natural environment. And the proper use of knowledge of history will help to give the land a look characteristic of a particular locality or epic.

    Complex design. Landscape design

    The creation of the project can be divided into several stages, including:

    • Preparation to the design.
    • Creation of the design.
    • The development of working draft.
    • The landscaping of the plot.
    • Plot landscaping.

    Each stage of the work is performed by highly qualified professionals. For example, if necessary to use landscaping, then engage specialists in the appropriate sphere.

    Landscape design studio KLS STUDIO performs the whole range of work as quickly as possible, because our team is skilled in any of the profiles, which may be needed in the process of designing the site. In particular, we provide professional selection of lighting fixtures for the parameters.

    Landscape lighting

    Not every building owner fully understands the fantastic effect of proper lighting of lawns. It can be used to define certain areas and zones, create a certain atmosphere and even change the room depending on the circumstances or the mood. As long as you make a good lighting design.

    Design of a lighting system requires not only technical knowledge but also an understanding of how light and its illumination affects people's moods. It is necessary to take into account every detail, even to the influence of the psycho-type, which it belongs to.

    KLS STUDIO landscape design studio will help you create an effective lighting of the winter garden. The project will be developed taking into account the needs and strengths of the customer, his capabilities, as well as the peculiarities of space and other parameters. Experienced team will provide an original solution, based on extensive experience and extensive portfolio of successfully solved tasks. The expertise of our staff allows for the construction of any building project with a winter garden in the shortest possible time.

    Changing the site landscape

    Great importance for the success of the design solution is the landscape of the area, in which the future or already stand the building. But the great mistake will be inappropriateness in trying to decorate the land to your liking. The complicated landscape is not an unreasonable hindrance - landscaping of the garden and grounds will help to transform the evident, at first sight, imperfections into original advantages, which distinguish it from the general mass.

    You can use a lot of effort to achieve what you have in mind. But KLS STUDIO has not only a team of experienced professionals but also successful experience in carrying out such tasks. Vertical plot planning is performed with minimum waste of time. The studio has solutions ready for order execution which can be used immediately or with minor modifications.

    Our professionals are able to solve any problems often encountered by owners of land with a difficult terrain. Vertical space planning, for example, always requires special attention to the problem of proper water drainage. It includes a number of moments, which people who do not have special training, even not be aware of.

    Particularly great difficulties can be with the disposal of sewage and melt water beyond the plot. KLS STUDIO team designed surface water drainage, so the owner of the building did not have any problems with the neighbors.

    What we offer

    This is just a short list of tasks that require not only specialized knowledge but also extensive experience and use of ready-made solutions. In addition to designing and creation of a landscape area, we can develop a modern landscaping plan, which will meet the needs of the customer and help to implement the planned with the minimum impact on the budget. Our experts will develop an inexpensive, highly efficient and economical system of automatic irrigation, will design and build a measure of roads for transferring territory.

    The design of planting conifers and deciduous trees is also included in the list of works that we perform regularly and with great success. We have experts who know all the subtleties of fruit tree planting and maintenance. Using the special features of the land, we can help you create a stylish Japanese garden on a critical area or create an original Alpine garden that will become the centre of gravity during your walks. Any owner of a garden can have its lawn mowed by KLS STUDIO or a high-quality and fast maintenance of the area. It does not have to be just one-time or routine work. If you need to carry out seasonal maintenance, our technicians will make sure everything is done at the highest level.

    Our extensive experience enables us to undertake any task directly or indirectly related to landscaping and grounds maintenance at the lowest possible cost using the most efficient solutions.

    Our extensive experience enables us to undertake any task directly or indirectly related to landscaping and grounds maintenance at the lowest possible cost using the most efficient solutions.

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