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Landscape design
Landscape design - one of the most popular services, which can solve a range of problems. Every homeowner would like the territory on which the building is located, was not only landscaped, but also originally designed.

Ideally, every owner would like his land lot to be unique in terms of design. More often than not, he realizes that it is quite difficult to achieve this by simple means and his own efforts. Self-planting trees of unusual species can only marginally replace the complex of works that can be done by professionals.

Landscape design of sites and its peculiarities

KLS studio has more than a dozen successfully implemented projects in its portfolio, similar to the one the client is interested in. Even if they differ in appearance, almost each of them is based on known solutions. And very rarely there are customers who require the use of previously unused options. In this regard, the landscape design of sites reminiscent of assembling a mosaic, the elements of which have no individuality, but the finished product, created by a master, becomes a unique work of art.

In developing the project specialist takes into account every detail, tries to use the features of the terrain and site location, performing a comprehensive design. Landscape design requires a good knowledge of history, local customs, architectural styles and their combinations, as well as knowledge of geology, plant science, agricultural engineering and other specific information.

The entire landscape design process can be divided into several stages:

  • Collection of data about the land, the development of preliminary options.
  • Development of a conceptual design.
  • Creation of a working draft, which will be implemented landscape design of the site.
  • Work on the improvement of the territory.
  • Landscaping of the plot.

Each stage includes a number of operations that are carried out sequentially, one after another. This order is adjusted depending on the nature of the terrain, its proximity to other objects and some other factors that need to take into account the specialists who carry out the work of the highest quality.
Ландшафтное проектирование участка с домом. Фото сверху. Ландшафтное проектирование Харьков - KLS

Lighting in landscape design

There are many well-known ways to beautifully design the area. This can be the use of certain types of trees, equipment of artificial ponds, and other solutions that are happy to use many professionals. But one of the most unusual and spectacular options is the landscape lighting, which plays not just a purely technical role, and becomes an original element of design. It is rarely mentioned by non-specialists, but professionals are well aware of how to use such a simple tool to give the yard a unique look.

The KLS team not only has engineers who can make a selection of fixtures by parameters. We have our own designers who can match lighting fixtures to the style in which the yard is being decorated. This problem can be solved only by a professional, since it is not only about the lights and spotlights - lighting should fit organically into the overall concept, on the basis of which the landscape design and landscaping.

Influence of the location of the plot

Work on the creation of the project necessarily includes a careful study of many factors, such as the type of soil, the presence of groundwater close to the surface, topography, the immediate surroundings, the presence of shade, etc. Each of these requires some adjustment to the design. For example, the lack of natural light space can prevent the creation of a winter garden - the project can be expensive or completely unprofitable for the customer.

Not every plot is located on flat terrain. On the territory can be depressions and small hills, and often the entire space to be worked on is on a hillside. In this case, it is almost always necessary to vertically level the site. Such a need is sometimes due to the fact that there are objective difficulties in the removal of precipitation outside the adjacent area.

In order not to flood your neighbors, the street or your own yard, our experts apply the solutions that allow to overcome these obstacles without significant cost and loss of time. Usually it is enough to correctly calculate and install surface drains, and if this is not enough, our engineers have a number of "know-how" that will surely help in solving this problem.
Ландшафтный дизайн от студии КЛС в Харькове, Киеве, Полтаве. Фото участка.

What does landscape design studio "KLS" offer

With each individual element of landscape design, the owner may be able to cope on their own. To do this, he will have to spend a lot of time to find the right information, to make sure its validity and do all the work. True, the probability of success in this case is much lower than with the involvement of professionals. And if we are talking about the entire complex of works, then do without professionals just do not work.

Design and landscaping with a team of specialists from KLS Studio will allow the owner of the territory to save their own time and effort - a resource that can not be bought for money. We provide any landscape design services related to the design of landscape, solve problems faced by the owner of an unsuccessfully located area, perform landscaping and maintenance of the territory.

Affordable prices for landscaping design combined with a high speed of execution of works is one of our distinguishing features. And we will do our best to make the customer satisfied with our work.

Картинка - ландшафтное проектирование и ландшафтный дизайн от студии КЛС
Work on the project starts with discussing the assignment. What do we want to achieve?
A land use plan is prepared - where and what will be, how it will be used.
The project takes into account very many factors - light exposure, soil, terrain, water, wind blown and more.
Such a complex task can be solved only having practical experience in various working conditions in cooperation with joint organizations.
The result of the project is a plot of land which you will enjoy for many years.

KLS is a professional approach to work.




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