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    Land improvement - an undertaking in which only a professional can undertake, who not only has the necessary knowledge of what constitutes landscape design, traditional and vertical gardening, integrated garden maintenance and other operations, but also has sufficient experience. Otherwise, there is a very high probability of errors. As a result of ill-considered actions, you may incur unnecessary financial costs and waste a lot of time, especially if the work performed will have to be reprocessed later.

    There is another important reason for which you should call the professionals. Even so simple at first glance, the task of garden maintenance, if it is treated with care, is composed of many operations. Not only do they have to be carried out in accordance with all the rules by own forces, but they have to be done in a certain order. About this know the expert, he has not only experience but also ready-made solutions, which will help you to complete the work more quickly, efficiently and cheaper.

    The list of services that can be requested by the owner of the territory can be divided into three main categories:

    • Landscape design.
    • Land greenery planting.
    • Garden maintenance.

    They include all works, performed by a third party organization will not only relieve the gentleman from the problems associated with landscaping yard, but also from the need to look after it.


    Landscape design services


    The owner, who wants to improve their landed property, giving it a special style, requires a whole range of services, of which he may not realize the need. Therefore, one of the most important tasks of the specialists is to develop and agree with the client of the project, on the basis of which will be stored report work plan. One of the most important tasks of KLS STUDIO is to assist in making efficient use of terrain features, as well as to make, if necessary, making some changes, e.g. by resurfacing, or creating a spectacular feature such as an alpine mound, or other solutions. The standard design includes the following sections:

    • - Preparing work, including site survey and preliminary assessment of the complexity of the task.
    • - Preliminary design, which allows a visual representation of how the space appears when the work is completed.
    • - Elaboration of a working draft for which the site landscaping is undertaken, including a checklist of everything that may be required for its implementation.
    • - Improvement of the area, including water supply, laying paths, installation of public lighting system, etc.
    • - Greening of the valley, the plan which takes into account the nature of the area and climatic conditions, the peculiarities of the ground and the wishes of the applicant.

    Depending on the specific nature of the task, participation of a professional, capable, for example, of high-level landscape design of the family home, or designer's assistance may be required, who can unrecognizably change external appearance of the property, giving it a unique look and transforming it into a real showpiece of art. For example, landscaping - vertical gardening - has great success. In some cases it is necessary to consider at the same time the drainage of groundwater, which comes close to the surface, as well as rainwater - especially if there are difficulties with its removal beyond the territory.

    Фото - Ландшафтное проектирование и озеленение садов, дворов, усадьбы. Услуги KLS студии ландшафтного дизайна.

    Greening services


    KLS studio does both individual works and complex landscaping of areas. We perform works on a pre-designed project, together with the customer. Each task is resolved in the most efficient way possible given the capabilities and wishes of the client.

    Our team can execute turn-key landscaping of your plot of land. This option is advantageous, since unnecessary operations are excluded, all the actions are performed in a rigorous sequence, which ensures that the customer minimizes costs and quick commissioning of the object. The list includes the following services:

    • Alteration of terrain through the construction of embankments, mounds and rapids.
    • Removal of woody debris, stumps and unwanted trees.
    • Mulching of soil.
    • Turfing the lawn on any terrain.
    • The -Whitewashing of any kind of plants.
    • Constructing piece-water.
    • The laying of garden paths etc..

    Skilled professionals will select the right plants and the right mixture of earth, especially important if the plot is located in the woods, on a spur of the moment, in the shade or on the banks of the bet, and also planted vegetation custom vodomische, constructed for swimming.
    Фото - Зеленый сад, парк, ступеньки среди зелени, деревья. Озеленение садов и ландшафтное проектирования KLS

    Garden maintenance services


    The complex of works in the maintenance of the estate includes many tasks, the solution of which requires the participation of professionals. We provide a team of professionals capable of carrying out any task, starting with an accurate assessment of the condition of the garden or lawn, to the immediate planting and planting of plants, their treatment against diseases and trimming, as well as the grooming of lawns.

    KLS STUDIO performs cleaning of flowerbeds, application of additives, if necessary, and topiary mowing as well as lawn mowing services. The qualified staff will also undertake the maintenance of the lawns. Maintenance is carried out according to a pre-agreed plan with the customer, for which the appropriate schedule is created.

    Our extensive experience has enabled us to develop our own methodology and implement optimal solutions to ensure that the client spends as little time and money as possible on the implementation of his project.

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